In this level you must choose a decision.

1. No I'm not ready. I'm too much of a wimp, please let me go home.

2. How's cake sound? It's on the house.

3. I can't take on the sunfish because I'm a weiner.

4. Yes, I do believe I have the courage, the constitution and the strength.

5. How about a game of chess instead.



1. You cannot go home. That is not an option

2. I am not open to bribery.

3. I recomend you get a life because you obvioulsy don't have one, you morbidly obese twit !

4. You Don't look ready to me.(hint) try buying a hat from the item store and them equiping it in your inventory

5. Ok you worthless one, I will say the magic words, abracadabra! troglatitius dicspauldrincshphere!  You are teleported to the chess dimension


An icon of the main background image can be found in the top right of the game's screen, which takes the player to a different level with bombs and mines.