Source is found from the readme text document that comes bundled in the game's ZIP file.

Grub banger is an arcade style game where you control a caterpillar. The game is played solely with the mouse. The game consists of four distinctive stages. Stage one: Click above your caterpillar to shoot poisonous spines towards the pointer. Use this attack to defeat the invading monsters. clicking the mouse near the ground moves your caterpillar towards the pointer. Collect the jellybeans that the enemies dropto acquire additional weapons and avoid the spiky projectiles. If projectiles make contact with your body, you grow shorter, if they make contact with your head then you lose a life. The first stage is actually the only stage in the game where you can get a gameover. Stage two: In this stage you must avoid moles, wasps spiders and dinosaurs. Clicking in front of your caterpillar makes it move forward and clicking behind makes it retreat. A hint, retreating is a necessary strategy for success on this stage. You have unlimited lives here. Stage three: Here you have to build a cocoon. Simply move the mouse in a circle around your caterpillar. Stage four: The last stage in the game. Now you control a butterfly. Your butterfly moves towards the mouse pointer. Collect flowers and mates and avoid birds for as long as possible. That’s it!


About the game


This game was originally intended as a phone game, you see a few months ago I was at a party and someone showed me a game on their phone, it was some game where you had to make sushi, and I just thought; what an utterly boring, ennui inducing game. It had no action, no monsters no music, you just clicked ingredients to make sushi.I was sure I could make a much more compelling game, for phones that is. So i brainstormed. I contemplated; what would be the most awesome game for a phone, well obviously one with a caterpillar, one with heaps of colorful bouncing creatures, and thus Grub banger was born. And I eagerly went to work on it. Unfortunately at the time I didn't own a smart phone (i own one now) and i'd never really used a smart phone, so I just sort of imagined how a game should function in order to work on a smart phone. When I finally got round to testing the game on an actual phone, it didn't really work, and I now realize a number of things I should have done differently to make it work properly. I thought about including the levels in Revenge of the Sunfish 2, but the control scheme is different and it would probably throw people like the few stages in revenge of the sunfish one that used the mouse to control (lots of people got stuck on these just because they couldn't grasp switching from keyboard to mouse :p) Then it occurred to me that this game might end up rotting in my archives of unreleased games, several other games have already suffered this fate, and what’s the point of that? I did after all put time and effort into this game, as with all the games I create. Ultimately this game didn't really work out how I intended it to. It's not as awesome as I had hoped, It lacks zest and meaningful narrative. I could keep working on it, but it's easier for me to start again from scratch. Already I'm working on new projects that promise to be far more engaging. 

Nevertheless, for what it is,

I'm putting Grub banger out there,

 Hopefully someone might enjoy playing it. 

I think it's short and sweet in it's own weird way.

hope you enjoy it :)

Jacob Wb

6:48 PM 7/11/2014