Level 2 (SECRIKT):

When you reach the "Are you ready to take on the Sunfish?" level, there should be an icon-sized image of the screen's background. Click on it if it is there. The textbox should say in caps "You FOUND SECRIKT!!!YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKEEP DOING lot more" After clicking it a few more times, It should say "Oh no u broke it. what now" and a green oval appears. Now that you have clicked the green oval, keep clicking and it should say "You GOT THE POWER! OHHH YESSS OH YESS FSFOSO FOP NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO plspls click more." "You WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME!!!" "AHH NO IM MELTING" When the blue things finally attack the bug flying around, you will get transported to a new level where you are faced with a minefield and a mine sensor that can be attached to the player and detect where a mine is. There are two signs that read "BEWARE MINES!"

If you make it past the minefield you will start at a set of platforming levels with a blue man with purple legs in a bright rainbow ocean setting. You attack with a spray of green slime by holding space. At the end, a giant purple terrifying multi-eyed sea monster will rise and inescapably eat you, taking you to the "Time Machine" level.

If you die 3 times in the minefield, a weird face with googly-sort-of pupils bouncing in his eyes appears. Next there will be a space invader sort-of thing where instead of it being a grid, the enemies scatter. Once all of them are killed or if you get killed, the game will continue to the "Flying Skill" level.

Level 3 (passing the bird level):

If you make it to the end of the level where there is a dot in the middle of a 3D shape like in World Painter for Minecraft, it will skip to Level 4.

Level 4 (skipping to select the corresponding animal sound)

If you get the time machine to be green and enter it, you are able to skip to Level 6.

Level 7

If you are able to go all the way to the left of the screen and pass through the gap where the hands are and where the arrow is pointing, you will be able to skip to Level 8.

Level 8 (running out of HP)

If you run out of health and die, you will be introduced to even more levels. The first part starts out as a weird circle shaped alien where if he moves, he spits red stuff. You have to be carried by the UFO to continue.

Next part of this very long path starts you as a ninja for the main character and you have a sword when you hit space and throw throwing stars with ctrl. The usual controls are arrow keys. If you die by the enemies or make it through the whole level, it'll continue.

If you die by one of the the disco guys it will take you to a room where your in a showdown with a bunch of dancing kids while being blocked by security ( really hard still trying to beat it.)

The third part is a level where you have to make breakfast by eating certain types of food. If you eat the wrong ones, the meter in the top part of the screen will reset to 0. Soon if you finish filling up the bar, you will continue.